What is Football4Climate?

About Football4Climate

Football4Climate is a programme from Sport and Sustainability International (SandSI). It seeks to leverage the power of football to drive climate awareness and action amongst the wider football industry.

Football4Climate Fan Club

Join the Football4Climate Fan Club to support your favourite football club in taking climate action.

Sustainability Helpdesk

Contact the SandSI Support Centre, a multi-language online platform for SandSI members that allow asking any question related to the implementation of sustainability practices.

COMING SOON: Football Carbon Calculator

What can you do to improve your carbon footprint? First, you have to know the impact you are having on the planet. SandSI is developing a carbon calculator tool to support clubs, leagues and players calculating their carbon footprint.

COMING SOON: Partnerships with bookmakers

Companies that support teams and understand the importance of preserving the environment are ready to sponsor our initiatives (1win).

Measure, report and reduce the carbon footprint of the European football industry

Eliminate single-use plastic at professional football matches in Europe

Top European football clubs to become signatory of the UN Sports for Climate Action Framework

Meet our ambassadors

Why Football4Climate

One of the most valuable sports

In 2018 European football was worth 25.5 billion EUR

One of the most loved sports

43% of the global population are football fans

Limited climate action amongst football clubs.

2% of top-5 European football leagues are signatories of the UN Sport for Climate Action Framework

Sport and Sustainability International (SandSI)

Credit to adidas for producing such an inspiring and thought provoking piece. Watch this three part series

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